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OKBET is a service provider that offers players a wide range of options and diversity, with a wide selection of sports betting activities such as soccer, horse racing, tennis, basketball, netball and many other interesting international sports. Members can bet on more than 1000 matches a day and with commissions of less than 5% on sports bets, members can get higher bets than other platform games.

Introduction to Sports Betting Sport Betting Halls




Global major sports events are fully provided, NBA, PBA, European football, e-sports, everything




Events are updated daily, and sports events and broadcasts are never interrupted.

OKBET sports betting Ous Features

OKBET Sports Betting – Bet on all kinds of sports with great odds and super bonuses
The most stable sports online betting site (OKBET) in the Philippines! Whether it is NBA, PBA, Champions League football, Wimbledon, horse racing, cockfighting and other diversified sports events, you can play as you like and lose money without losing the odds.

weekly rebate

Betting on sporting events that drive fans crazy, with multiple games and high water marks, can build up money quickly. After the original fund of funds withdraws, the money won is slowly accumulated on the platform. I believe you have a fixed amount of pocket money to spend each month.

Various classic sporting events

Not every version the casino represents can offer the full set of events and games. Only the extremely popular version can keep up with the scale of the international version. OKBET gives you the most complete selection, so you can’t miss every favorite activity.

Easy to use platform

The biggest advantage of the OKBET sportsbook is its convenience. We have an optimized website that works on all browsers, and to allow players to bet at any time, OKBET has launched an app that allows players to bet on sports 24 hours a day.

Wide range of sports

At OKBET you can find a wide range of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, field hockey, horse racing, boxing, etc. To complement this, at OKBET players can bet on different types of sports at the same time and can also place live bets.

OKBET has the best odds

OKBET offers better odds than other online casinos, which allows players to get the highest profit return results if they win, regardless of the sports betting category. Please check the betting rules before placing a bet on a match at OKBET .

Historical record of matches

Sports betting requires skill and many sports events can be predicted from previous games and OKBET provides this information for all players to analyze when you come to our sports betting page where you can find past games.

Wide range of payments

OKBET offers a wide range of payment systems, whether it is local banks, Gcah or crypto currency, all players can choose the method that suits them. These transaction options give you the flexibility to transfer money to your account.

Safe and secure system

You can bet on sports with confidence at OKBET , we hold a gaming license with Panama Gaming Control Board and our products are tested an independent tester of gaming and wagering devices to ensure that the games are fair and operate correctly.

Tips for making money in sports betting

Learn how Handicap works

One thing that many novice players often misunderstand. It is believed that the level of the bet is related to the win-lose ratio. In fact, the bet is adjusted according to the player’s bet size. It just reflects which team the player thinks has a higher chance of winning, it doesn’t mean that team has a better chance of winning than the opponent. High!

Don't hold the mentality of getting rich

Some old players always joke that some people are gambling dogs. Despite its bad reputation, for some, betting on sports with an overly optimistic attitude is also true. Predominant! Don’t think you’re going to make a fortune from one game! These are very important!

prepare your own funds

Whether you’re playing ball games or other types of games, be aware that (you’re playing with real money), it’s fun to win, but just touch your nose when you lose. Do what you can and don’t bet more than you can afford.

Learn about the different ways to bet on sports

There are many different ways to bet at online sportsbooks, and to increase your chances of winning you need to take some time to study them.

Manage your money well

The most common mistake many people make when entering an online casino or a real casino is not managing their money well. If you want to go the extra mile and bet on more sports in Win city, you must manage your money well and stick to some rules about how and when to bet.

Control your emotions

OKBET wants to provide you with an enjoyable betting time anyway, so you should take your emotions and biases out of the equation when betting on online sportsbooks. If you have any chance of making a profit, good money management is essential.

Choosing the right sports

We won’t give you which sports or by which sports are suitable when betting on sports, you have to choose the sports you are familiar with and this is the way to improve your chances of winning.<br>Once you have done so, pay close attention to the performance of the team or player who is winning regularly. This will help you make better decisions and identify good bets to place.

Common betting methods in OKBET 

Whether you are betting on online sports from your desktop or smartphone, you can quickly place your bets on sports events that are of interest to Filipino players on OKBET.

Now you can bet on the most popular sports betting options for Filipino players through OKBET, and we will introduce you to these common betting options.

Pass bets, Futures, and Over/Under bets. You can use Philippine pesos for all of these bet types.

Straight bet

Straight bet, sometimes simply referred to as a “straight” is the most common type of sports betting. To place a straight bet will require you to pick the winner of the game and all of the scoring that may occur in that game. A single or double digit number will be set which is known as a betting line. You will have to choose whether to place your money on the favorite or on the underdog.

Total Line Bets

What is the total line? The total line is a number set for the combined final score of both teams in a game. It can come in many varieties, such as over/under and half-time/full-time. Overs and unders refer to whether one team will score more than (or less than) the set number when combined with the opposing team’s score.

Point Spreads

A point spread wager is a bet that’s made on a participant in a sporting event to cover the number of points indicated by the wager. This is also commonly referred to as a point spread bet. The number of points depends upon the type of sport being wagered on, with more significant numbers being used for matches that have more scoring opportunities such as an NFL football game, and smaller numbers being used for sports that don’t involve as much scoring, such as tennis.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a way of making a match more even by handicapping one team to start stronger and fade later in the game so that the other team gets the chance to win. The bookies will give one team an advantage so that the odds in the match are less obvious, they call this a handicap. The Bookies have to give the underdog some kind of advantage to make it fair and encourage people to bet.


We’re all familiar with betting on who will win a game, but did you know you can also bet on how many points, goals, or runs will be scored? Totals/Over-Unders allows you to bet on the total points, goals, or runs of an entire game. So whether your team scores higher or lower than the spread you choose, there’s money to be made.

Parlay Bet

This combines the thrill of placing a parlay bet with the security of fixed odds betting. By combining multiple bets into one, the inherent risk of each individual bet is spread over a series of bets, reducing the risks and dramatically increasing your chance of winning.

Sportsbook Betting FAQs

Now, a large number of betting sites are competing for the attention of Filipino players by trying to outdo each other in offering the best deposit method

If you’re a Filipino player we recommend that you use one of the following deposit methods:

Bank、 Gcash(H5)、 Gcash(Direct)、Paymaya(Direct)、Credit Cards、Debit Cards

Each betting site offers unique sports options.

OKBET offers some of the most popular sports in the Philippines, including basketball, boxing, soccer, volleyball, and more.

There are numerous types of bets available when it comes to sports betting. In fact, there are far too many for us to cover here. We have, however, created a page that is jam-packed with information on all of the many forms of sports bets available.

While it comes to sports betting, one of the most frequently asked questions is how much money someone should risk when placing a wager. To summarize, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem. The amount of money you should risk differs from person to person while making the same wager, depending on a variety of factors.

Sport Betting tip/ strategy Guide

Welcome to participate in the exciting sports events, you can find all the tips you have to know here.