You’re going to love OKBET fish games

You might be used to slot games and other gambling options, but it’s worth expanding your horizons a bit if you want to try something completely different. Fish games are some of the most popular online casino games available, and there’s no reason not to give them a go!

OKBET online fish shooting game is all you need to enjoy real money gaming! Open an account with OKBET , deposit your favorite game and start playing. Compete with other fish shooters around the world. Join us today and battle sharks, tuna and swordfish. You’re in for some deep sea action!

Introduction of Fishing Game

OKBET Jackpot Fishing

JILI fishing

Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing has a large number of reward fish species and colorful bosses waiting for you to challenge.

OKBET Fierce Fishing

Fa Chai fishing

Fierce Fishing

Fa chai fishing offers great prizes! (Get rich) means getting rich in Chinese.

OKBET Dragon Fishing

JDB fishing

Dragon Fishing

Five dragons cruising the four seas, catching dragons and fishing to make a fortune

OKBET Lucky Fishing

CQ9 fishing

Lucky Fishing

Lead players to explore the colorful underwater world and find lost treasures of sunken ships.

Fishing Game Features Our features

Fishing games started in the 2019s and appeared in local casinos in Asia. They were popular among Filipinos and then spread throughout Asia. Everyone is attracted to fun and exciting games, which are becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Low threshold, high reward

Different from other types of casino games, fishing games (the biggest feature is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to complete, even if you only spend 300~500 pesos a month, you can play very happily. Suitable for most games, fishing games do not A certain amount of gambling capital is required to win money like any other game.

If you want to make money, please look far

Many old fishing players are actually suitable for the investment route. Often gaming games give the impression of staring and getting rich quick. But this concept may make you very hard when it comes to fishing. As a qualified fishing player, you should look at the overall income and reward in the long run. Find out the qualified betting strategy and keep digging in, which is also the fascinating part of the fishing game.

The principle of (fishing game)

You must understand that all video games have a mechanism called (rake rate), which means that when you put in 1000 yuan and the machine will only give back 990 yuan, then this 10 yuan is the casino’s rake rate. Fishing machines and slot machines are the same concept, in order to hit the jackpot for common players, because the machine will continuously accumulate all chips (Jackpot) until it reaches the set jackpot threshold.

So you have to understand that when you win money on a fishing machine, it’s not the machine’s money, it’s the other player’s money, and the machine (or casino operator) here is just acting as a venue equipment and asking for its (service fee) only one.

The hottest fishing game in the Philippines

A complete introduction to fishing games, the most popular (JILI fishing games), (FA CHAI fishing games) or JILI classics (Happy Fishing) and (Dinosaur Tycoon) in 2019, all can be played in OKBET, and at the same time Better than the winning rate of general platforms, you gain more than others!

JILI Fishing Gaming​

JILI Games’ online fishing is the hottest online fishing in the world today. Shooting dead fish is easy and fast, and the probability is even as high as 1200 times. Besides the famous slot game, JILI’s fishing game is no worse than other games. It has a complete system of player functions. Game performance is as perfect as any other game in JILI, especially popular games like Bombing Fishing, Jackpot Fishing and Royal Fishing.

FA CHAI Fishing Gaming

Most of the provider’s games are presented in a cartoon style, giving players a more relaxed atmosphere that is more like playing puzzle and casual games than gambling.
Even though it doesn’t look like a gambling game, the rewards it brings will surprise you. In a market where most brands are dominated by 1,000 times the odds, the slot machine bonus of Fa Cai is far ahead, with the highest odds of 50,000 times. There are also a variety of attractive special winning ways in net fishing, such as playing treasure chest lottery. There is more than one opportunity for players to get rich.
In addition, beautiful scenes and fantastic sound effects will make you never get bored while playing the game. In fact, you can feel the high sincerity of this game provider to its backers.

JDB Fishing Game

Fishing games have received a lot of attention in recent years and have become one of the most common casual competitive games. JDB provides a variety of fishing game software to help you get the attention of more players! Rich rewards and varied gameplay are bound to make you enjoy yourself with the most unique fishing game experience.

Tips to win fish shooting game

No matter you are a novice or an old player, you have to take a look at the winning skills of the fish shooting game prepared by OKBET.

Remember your own ammunition

If you are a regular player, we would recommend that you choose to shoot small fish, unless you have a lot of money in your account, because you have to remember that shooting big fish means that you need to sacrifice a lot of bullets.

Calculation of firing angle

In the process of shooting fish, if the bullet does not hit the fish immediately on the screen and touches the window, the bullet will bounce until it hits the fish, so you can also use this to shoot easier fish species.

Try to give up hidden fish

In the game, you will often find fish hidden under rocks or seaweed. These fish usually have higher bonuses, but because of their hiding and avoidance, players may waste a lot of bullets to shoot.

Use a different gun

You can switch between weapons of different strengths. Although the cost of a strong bullet will be higher, a powerful weapon is more likely to take out a tough fish.

The aim, Each Fish

Most players focus on shooting the big fish to win more and ignore the small ones. This is a game where you can really compete with others and win real prizes by placing bets and then shooting at the smaller fish in the game. The more you play, the more tips and tricks you’ll get to win! When you aim at the fish, then fire the gun. The main purpose of this activity is to earn points by shooting as many fish as possible.

Concentrate on the game

Noisy backgrounds can interfere with concentration, so the entire volume can be an obstacle. It is important to place your equipment in a quiet and calm place. It is important to learn the skill of ignoring them. You can achieve it by thinking fast and focusing on the game. This game will make you nervous and tense. Take a deep breath, unclench your fists and relax.

Killing the boss is main

Always remember: killing bosses is your ultimate goal, get to the boss level faster by killing bigger fish and don’t forget to activate special weapons. Fight and destroy evil enemies and bosses while collecting gold coins, power-ups and points. As your victories increase, your rewards will also increase.

Apply algorithms

According to the algorithm, ammunition will be sorted from 1st to nth accordingly. The algorithm needs to change in different situations; a larger percentage of fish deaths means victory.

Fishing Machine Tips Guide

Fishing machine is popular among younger players, fall in love with the excitement!