Reverse implied odds are simply the amount of money you might lose on a future street by calling a bet in poker.

Poker Understanding Reverse Implied Odds

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Mayroong maraming mga konsepto ng poker na kailangan mong matutunan upang dalhin ang iyong laro sa poker sa susunod na antas. Isa sa mga ito ay reverse implied odds. Sa artikulong ito ng OKBET, dadalhin ka namin sa lahat ng kailangan mong malaman tungkol sa reverse implied odds upang ikaw ay maging mas mahusay na online casino na manlalaro ng poker.

Reverse implied odds are simply the amount of money you might lose on a future street by calling a bet in poker.

What are reverse implied odds in poker and why are they important?

Reverse implied odds are simply the amount of money you might lose on a future street by calling a bet in poker. It’s a useful tool to have in your toolkit when you have marginal hands, as it can help you avoid bets that are high risk and little to no reward. Another way of thinking about it is how much you need to pay to get to the showdown, and deciding whether that price is worth it.

However, in order to truly understand what reverse implied odds are, we actually need to begin by explaining another concept: implied odds.

What are implied odds and why are they important?

Implied odds are how much you could stand to win on future streets if you call a bet and are lucky enough to land an out. Implied odds are a useful tool to help you decide how much you could gain and whether you should call a bet or fold. If you have a chance of winning more money in future streets by calling, you have good implied odds. If you don’t, your implied odds are considered poor and you should consider folding.

How do you calculate implied odds?

How do you calculate your implied odds? That depends on who you speak to. Various sites and experts all seem to offer different formulas and views on this subject. 

For example, one source suggests that to figure out your implied odds you need to know two things: your pot odds, and your odds of completing a winning hand, which is also known as draw odds. Your draw odds can be found using a poker odds calculator, or by using a poker ratio odds chart. You then need to apply this formula to calculate your implied odds:

  • Draw odds – Pot odds = Implied odds

This all sounds good. It’s a relatively straightforward formula. But another source offers a far more complicated formula. The syntax for this formula is as follows:

  • (Amount to call) divided by (Opponent’s bet plus pot size plus amount to call again plus what you need to win on the river) = your hand equity

Another source offers yet another complicated solution to calculating implied odds:

  • Implied odds = [( 1 / Equity ) * C] – (Pot size after your opponent bets + Call)

Needless to say there are many different schools of thought on how you should approach calculating implied odds, but we can always return to the core idea of this concept: does my potential gains outweigh my potential risks.

What are reverse implied odds and why do they matter?

Now that we’ve thoroughly unpacked the concept of implied odds and how you can calculate them, it’s time to take a deeper look at what reverse implied odds and how they work. We’ve already touched on how reverse implied odds are the counterpart to implied odds. Reverse implied odds are used to calculate how much you could lose while implied odds are how much you could gain and is considered a vital tool by many if you have a mid strength hand. This is because of two situations:

  • Even if you make your hand, your hand is still relatively weak and could be beaten by many other stronger hands. For example, imagine you have a potential straight, but it’s all low value pips, such as a hand with two, three, four, five, and six. In theory, this is a straight and can win against some hands, but there are many more hands that could easily send you packing.
  • You don’t have enough opportunities to make a stronger hand with your hole cards. Say you have a pair of twos. It’s an incredibly weak pair, and even if you make three of a kind, it’s still vulnerable to many other stronger hands. 

How to calculate reverse implied odds?

Unlike implied odds, there isn’t a mathematical formula to calculate reverse implied odds. Due to the various factors that could appear, there is a less scientific approach to this aspect of the game. 

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