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“League of Legends” game introduction

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Currently, the most popular types of e-sports games are MOBA (Multiplayer Online Arena) and FPS (First Person Shooter) games. There are also places where you can place bets on these e-sports games, but first you must understand the “League of Legends” game rules before placing bets.

Discover the thrilling world of League of Legends at OKBET Casino. Immerse yourself in this popular game and experience the ultimate gaming adventure. Join now!

What is League of Legends Battle Rift?

Jump into the world of “League of Legends Battle Canyon”: rebuilt from scratch for mobile phones and home consoles, it perfectly recreates the skill-based and tactical five-on-five MOBA experience of “League of Legends”.

The game has a new control method and fast-paced battles. Novices and experts can form a team with friends, lock in their favorite heroes, and then show off their talents.

"League of Legends" game goals

  • Choose your route

  • Guerrilla jungler

  • Destroy the defense towers and attack the main fortress

  • Destroy enemy base

League of legends game goals

There are 40 heroes in League of Legends

There are more than 40 heroes to collect and play, find your favorite and show your style! Here are some popular characters:

League of Legends 6 heroes


Genekos is an archer who enjoys blasting freely and possesses artillery and machinery with powerful attack power. It’s just her nature to blow things up without thinking!


Lux is a mage who controls light magic. She is good at restraining enemies, protecting allies and causing high damage. The only thing that shines brighter than her magic on the battlefield is her cheerful personality.


This deadly assassin will emerge from the shadows, dispatch a few unsuspecting enemies with one swift move, and then disappear again. By the time you see him, it’s usually too late.

Miss Good Luck

Sister Luck is a ruthless shooter who always wields her guns in a domineering and chic manner. She can call the wind and rain as she pleases…but what she calls is “a hail of bullets.”


As a support, Blitzcrank is always ready to lend a “helping hand,” and that’s not just a metaphor. He will drag the enemy target into a chaotic fight. No matter whether the opponent is prepared or not, he will immediately face Blitzcrank’s punches and kicks.


Higgs is an expert in magical explosives, ready to pull a bomb (or four) out of his body at any moment. His specialty is detonating quickly, creating a massive explosion and wiping out his enemies.

"League of Legends" control methods and skills

Each hero has a unique skill set that can be upgraded one by one as the battle progresses, including incredibly powerful ultimates. Take Ali as an example. She uses her wild magic to briefly charm her enemies, then defeat them.

Strengthen your heroes in League of Legends

Experience points can be gained by knocking down enemy heroes, killing enemy soldiers or monsters, and destroying defensive buildings. After gaining enough experience points, the hero will be upgraded, its basic ability value will be improved and more powerful skills will be unlocked, and your hero will be strengthened with the following three items:

  • Experience

  • gold

  • Props

"League of Legends" e-sports game details

  • Game Platform: Pan Asia Esports

  • Game name: League of Legends

  • Game type: E-sports game

  • Agent: OKBET

  • Release date: March 1, 2013

  • Age Rating: Suitable for 18 years and above

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